Brimatech brings together markets and technologies.

Market and industry studies

  • Analysis of market trends, market segments and environmental factors
  • Identification and analysis of competition and distinguishing features
  • Creation and maintenance of competence maps

Technology transfer

  • Identification of space technologies suitable for terrestrial applications
  • Assessment of market needs in the non-space sector
  • Networking of stakeholders and mediation of transfers

Stakeholder analyses and user integration

  • Identification and surveying of relevant market participants
  • Investigation of user needs and solution requirements
  • Monitoring of customer satisfaction and user acceptance

Consulting and coaching

  • Strategy coaching and support
  • Start-up consulting
  • Analysis of financing requirements and potential financing models
  • Design of web tools for technology promotion

Business models and business development

  • Development of market release strategies and development scenarios
  • Analysis of potential value chains and positioning options
  • Cost/benefit analyses, sales and profit forecasts

Training and education

  • High-tech marketing
  • Business to business marketing
  • Market research

Our strengths

Technology orientation

Successful in technology-intensive fields.


More than 80 projects in the last seven years.


Targeted use of qualitative and quantitative market research.

Integration of relevant stakeholders

Public sector, experts, potential partners and customers.

International network

Wide pool of contacts and longstanding partnerships.

Interdisciplinary team

Business management, business education, sociology, math, technical chemistry, electrical engineering.